2020 UTV World Championship Camping Guide

UTV World Championship Campsites are located on the private Rodeo Grounds inside SARA Park, just 5 miles from the Start/Finish line. SARA (Special Activities and Recreation Area) Park is an 1100-acre regional park with spectacular mountain views and access to Lake Havasu.

The park’s facilities cater to a wide range of recreational activities and also serve as venues for events such as the popular Winter Blast fireworks display, obstacle races and concerts throughout the year. For more information on Sara Park, please visit their website here.

Please note, due to safety concerns there is no camping at the Official UTV World Championship Start/Finish Line or in Standard Wash during the event.

Dates of Operation: Check-in Opens Monday October 5th @ 8am / Check-out: Sunday October 11th by 6pm
Quiet Hours: Midnight – 6:00am
Cost per Campsite: $200 for the entire week / Flat Fee
Campsite Size: 20’ X 50’

Click here to register your campsite.

Amenities Available Onsite (Additional fees may apply):

  • Flat, Smooth, Chalked-off 20’ X 50’ Spots
  • Dump Station
  • Water Station
  • Showers
  • (Ridiculously Clean) Restrooms
  • Private Property
  • RC Trucks and Cars ok

Nearby Attractions (Within 2 miles):

Click here for more details on Sara Park.

Please note, the BMX Park and Motocross Park are private facilities.  Please contact directly for information about their use.

Please note, there is absolutely no operating of UTV’s within Sara Park whatsoever. They are not allowed on the trails or dirt anywhere on the West side of the 95 freeway. Violators will be cited, vehicles will be impounded, and you will be immediately evicted from the property. There are hundreds of miles of UTV trails on the East side of the freeway. Ride there please. Thanks! 

By making a UTV World Championship reservation, you and your entire party agree to be bound by the following rules and regulations. Refunds will be made available in full up until September 26th. After that date a $50 late fee will be assessed to all refunds. Sorry there are no refunds after October 5th.

UTVWC Sara Park Camping Rules & Regulations

  • TRASH – Please keep your area clean. There are high winds at the campground sometimes so please be sure your trash and recycle cans have lids. Campsites must be left trash free with no leaks of black or grey water. There is a dumpster and dump station. Please use them.
  • QUIET HOURS – QUIET HOURS are from midnight TO 6:00 AM. Please remember to turn off all outside TVs and radios and lower voices to a whisper at midnight to allow your neighbors a good night’s rest.
  • FIRES – Fires and smudge pots are permitted on the dirt at the campground, provided they are never left unattended, and are completely cleaned up before leaving. Warn your children of the dangers of playing on or around the fire rings. Stacking of pallets for bonfires is prohibited. The maximum height of flames are 12 inches.
  • BBQ – BBQ’s are allowed but please dispose of spent charcoal briquettes and ash carefully in trash containers after they have completely cooled.
  • PETS – Dogs are welcome but please keep them leashed and clean up their poop. No pets are allowed in the UTVWC pits at the race site.
  • FIREWORKS – Fireworks or firearms, of any kind, are not permitted on the campground or BLM property during the races.
  • CHILDREN – Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s safe conduct and any injuries or damage they may incur or cause. Unsupervised children who cause disruption for other guests may be asked to leave the park with their entire group. If you are under the age of 18, please return to your campsite by 10:00pm.
  • VISITORS – Visitors are only allowed from 8am to Midnight. Visitors are the responsibility of registered guest(s). All visitors must vacate the property by 10:00 PM. Please do not block other guests campsites when parking.
  • LOCK YOUR VALUABLES – Unattended bicycles should be locked at all times. Coolers, refrigerators, etc, containing alcoholic beverages should be supervised by an adult or locked. Protect your valuables. Lock unattended camping equipment in your vehicle whenever possible. UTVWC and Sara Park Rodeo are NOT responsible for damage or theft of your property.
  • BATHROOMS / SHOWERS / DUMP STATION / FRESH WATER SERVICES – Amenities fresh water and grey/black water dumping will be made available to all guests and are included in the camping price. Please take care with these amenities and treat them like you own them. We are guests here!
  • ENFORCEMENT – The UTVWC event and RV camping are designed for families. This is private property and a private event. If you violate the rules listed above you will be evicted with no refund due to you.

Camping at the UTV World Championship RV Park / The Sara Park Rodeo Grounds is at your own risk. UTVWC, and the Sara Park Rodeo are not responsible for the safety of your property, and the campground is not a secure facility. We do not have a dedicated security staff and cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items whatsoever. Lock your valuables in your vehicles whenever leaving. If you have an emergency call 911 and report your location.