Kids Crew Challenge Rules


-4 total competitors compete in a bracket style, single elimination, head-to-head speed competition
-Teams use their own vehicles. *ALL VEHICLES MUST BE RACE READY *
-One spare. One Jack. One impact gun. 3 man crew.
-Each crew can be made up of any competing racer or crew member between the age of 5 and 12
-Each team of 3 starts in the team staging box.
-Teams start with their hands in air and all equipment on the ground within the equipment staging box.
-Teams must start the timer and proceed to the equipment box.
-Teams must swap one front tire and one rear tire, then place all equipment within the equipment staging box before returning to the team staging box and stopping the timer once all 3 members are in the box with hands in the air.
-Both teams will be timed individually in case of penalties.
-The team with the fastest time wins the round

-5 sec penalty per loose lug nut
-15 second penalty for missing lug nuts

***Unless otherwise noted, all regulations and decisions are made at the sole discretion of the competition director. ***