Safecraft Safety Equipment To Sponsor the UTV World Championship Desert Race

Monday, April 10, 2017

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Safecraft Safety Equipment To Sponsor the UTV World Championship Desert Race
Larry Roeseler to race the #1912 Safecraft Polaris RZR


The UTV World Championship announced today Safecraft Safety Equipment will support the 2017 Polaris RZR UTV World Championship powered by Monster Energy as title sponsor of the Desert championship race.


Safecraft will support six racers at the UTV World Championship including #123 Russell Tweed (Production 1000), #4516 Justin Bor (Production Turbo), #971 Wayne Matlock (Pro Turbo), #1954 Kristen Matlock (Pro UTV), #989 Wes Miller (Pro Turbo) and Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee #1912 Larry Roeseler (LetsRide) in Pro UTV.

“I’ve raced all sorts of vehicles my entire life and I very clearly understand the need for safe and effective fire suppression systems. Earlier this year I raced The Mint 400 in our Safecraft Trophy Truck and we took 14th overall. I’m anxious to get back behind the wheel, this time around in our Polaris RZR, a vehicle I raced last year in Vegas to Reno, and am looking forward to competing and the challenges that await in Laughlin. #LetsRide. #LR,” commented Roeseler.


Safecraft will title sponsor the Desert Championship Race. With already over 100 desert racers pre-registered, the field is expected to be the largest the UTV World Championship seen heading into its third year. Safecraft will be displaying and vending its full line of motorsports fire suppression systems at the massive Tech & Contingency on Friday, April 14th from9:00AM to 5:00PM at the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino.

Safecraft is an industry leader in motorsports fire suppression systems. They offer a wide range of systems to cover every type of racing. Whether you need a manually, thermally or electrically activated system, Safecraft has both standard and SFI certified systems to meet your needs. All of their products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Safecraft Model AT10

Safecraft’s Model AT is completely automatic and can include a manual backup for added protection. A fast-acting thermal sensor can either be part of the extinguisher or remotely located away from the cylinder. Multiple sensors with several temperature settings are also available. Safecraft offers a lightweight model for weight critical installations and requirements.


Safecraft Model PB3

Safecraft’s Model PB3 / PB5 portable unit is designed to mount on roll bars in various motorsport vehicles. The quick-release mechanism is custom-designed to offer versatility of placement and ease of use. Just FLIP the lever, GRAB and GO. Parts for the PB3 / PB5 and their quick-release brackets are crafted from machined billet aluminum. Unlike other extinguishers on the market, the PB3 / PB5 removable extinguishers effectively suppresses vehicle fires using a non-compacting liquid extinguishing agent.

Safecraft Model UTV

Safecraft’s ingenuity is unveiled with this fully automatic system for the UTV market. This system provides fire suppression capability to both the engine and fuel areas. The easy-to-install kit places the thermal sensor on a flexible line routed directly to the area to be protected. Billet brackets specifically designed for mounting this system on the roll bar are included. Multiple sensor systems can be used for expanded coverage.

Click here for a full brochure on these products.

Safecraft is the only manufacturer to offer several models of extinguishers and extinguishing agents approved to SFI* 17.1 standards. Many of their systems use 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid – highly effective, electrically non-conductive, leaves no residue and the most environmentally friendly agent available. Safecraft’s innovative and proven thermal sensor provides state-of-the-art protection without driver activation – heat automatically activates the sensor to trigger strategically placed nozzles. Safecraft systems have been installed in over 25,000 NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, Off-Road and NASA vehicles and new to the market, Safecraft’s UTV Fire Suppression System.

Come learn more about the new UTV Fire Suppression System on Friday, April 14th at Tech and Contingency from 5:00PM to 9:00PM at the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino.

About Safecraft Safety Equipment
Safecraft Safety Equipment is the leading provider of fire suppression systems and is used by most of the top professionals in a wide range of industries including Motorsports, Automotive, Aviation and Marine. For over 20 years, Safecraft is known for its innovative design and use of the highest quality components available.

Safecraft extinguishers are used by more NASCAR, NHRA, NASA and SCCA teams than any other brand and is the only manufacturer to have 4 models of extinguishers and several different extinguishing agents approved to SFI 17.1

Visit www.safecraft.com for more information.
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