Shock Therapy Announced As 2020 UTV World Championship Sponsor

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

With over 25 years of off-road racing experience they have amassed a huge database of shock settings, spring packages and sway bar systems that will improve your ride quality exponentially the minute you bolt the modified suspension on your vehicle. If you want a plush ride for your weekend toy, or the fastest race winning set up for your vehicle, they will be happy to accommodate.  Shock Therapy does more than just rebuild or re-valve shocks like many companies, they physically drive and test everything they work on to get the best possible system for your application.  “Shock Therapy is the premier shock tuner for all your UTV shock needs.” Says Matt Burke, Dealer Accounts manager.  They have tested every model of UTV on the market privately on a 5.5 mile test track with one thing in mind, creating the BEST ride possible.  It doesn’t matter if you own a Trophy Truck, Class 1 buggy or the newest UTV, the best performing suspension beats your competition whether it is in a race or out with your buddies. They stand by the monecur “Don’t finish second in your class or among your friends ever again.  Call Shock Therapy and we will put you FIRST!”

“Many of our racers have utilized Shock Therapy’s services for years, and it shows.  The suspension performance these machines are producing is incredible.”  Says Matt Martelli, UTV World Championship CEO.  We look forward to having them during this year’s race in Lake Havasu as they continue to supply and service race teams.  I highly suggest you speak with them if you want to come in first!” Martelli continued. 

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