UTV World Championship Protest Form

Racers – We value your opinion and want our races to be FAIR and SAFE. This form is to be used for logging of Official Protests outlined by the 2021 UTVWC rulebook. Please do not approach UTVWC Staff of MGMT and verbally protest your issue. We cannot stop the operations of the race and log your protest. Instead, please provide the facts and evidence we need to make a judgement on your issue on this form.

There are only two people who can file an official protest: The Driver of Record, (or) the Team Captain. All decisions are binding on the Team and Driver of Record.

There are two type of protests: Safety and Technical

Safety Protests are for instances of speeding, improper pitting, course cutting, excessive nerfing, etc… These do not require a fee to submit (MGP3).

Technical protests are for things such as cheater motors, tire size, or other class infractions. These must accompany a $500 protest fee – which is refundable if the protest is proved valid. Complete the form below and submit your $500 Protest Fee Payment via Paypal or Venmo to: [email protected]

Additional Fees may apply and you may be contacted for things such as an engine teardown. Technician fees of $50.00/hr will be allocated out of the teardown fee if a technician is required. Final fees must be submitted PRIOR to any engine teardown. All fees will be refunded if the protest is upheld.