UTV World Championship Rule Book

The UTV World Championship Rulebook contains rules, regulations, policies, specifications, and technical requirements overseeing the operations of, and participation in, the UTV World Championship off-road races. It is being published to provide for the professional conduct of The UTV World Championship racing events and to establish the minimum acceptable safety requirements for such events. The UTV World Championship owners reserve the right to alter, suspend or update this Rulebook, and/or issue additional regulations, at any time with or without notice, and at their sole discretion.

This Rulebook contains both a general set of UTV World Championship race competition rules, as well as vehicle specific rules that govern each class. It is mandatory that every UTV World Championship race participant (owners, builders, drivers, co-drivers, pit crews, etc…) know these rules and adhere to them strictly or face penalties, possible disqualification and/or removal from the races if at any time, especially if their actions are deemed unsafe.

General Regulations

Technical Regulations

Class Regulations